BVI Snorkeling and Eco-tours

ecotours Our snorkeling trips and Eco-tours are a way for us to introduce you to the natural environment that makes the BVI such a special destination… educating you in a way that brings you to a closer appreciation of why the BVI is called “Nature‘s Little Secrets“. An eco-tour and snorkeling trip in the BVI is a great way to experience the fascinating world that lives below the water, in one of the best snorkeling destinations in the world!

What to Expect on a Snorkeling and Eco Tour

 On our Eco-tours, you will learn about our weather patterns, migrating and nesting seabirds, the plant and animal life that exists here, local history, conservation efforts, fish feeding habits, and the miracle that is the living, coral reef! We like to combine the boat rides, snorkeling, bird watching, a little hiking, and a good amount of educational and environmental information to give you a good overview of the BVI from nature’s perspective. From uninhabited cays to pristine coral reefs, a half or full day Eco-tour will certainly be one of the highlights of your vacation! All Eco-tours include snorkeling equipment, refreshments and snacks. We have three convenient locations on Jost Van Dyke and Tortola. Please contact us for more information.

Current Prices for Snorkeling Packages and Eco-Tours


Jost Van Dyke By Sea

Visit Sandy Cay, Sandy Spit, Little JVD ,Green Cay, Diamond Cay and world famous White Bay

This is our most popular Eco-Tour. A little hiking, snorkeling, boat touring, bird watching... Learn about Jost, the BVI, our out-island eco-system, birds and marine life, flora and we go to our first destination, Sandy Cay. This 14 acre island Nature Reserve, owned by the late Philanthropist, Laurance Rockerfeller, has a wonderful nature hike through a manicured botanical trail. Your guidewill introduce you to the incredible ecological diversity that makes this island so important to researchers and scientists alike. Next stop: the deserted, picturesque island od Sandy Spit... exactly what you came to the Caribbean to experiance! A few Coconut palms and Seagrape trees anchored on white sand and surrounded by a barrier reef. Exceptional snorkeling nearby! Green Cay: nesting and migratory Seabirds, snorkeling. Little Jost Van Dyke: history, secluded beaches, mangroves, and the virtually unknown "Blue Hole". Snorkeling: National Park at Diamond Cay. Lunch: Foxy's Taboo.  A short hike to the "Bubbly Pool" on JVD... one of the true natures wondersof the BVI: a crevice in the islands North shore breaks the incoming seas creating a natural jacuzzi and tidal pool that overflows with bubbles and froth (weather dependant). A leisurely boat cruise down the coast of Jost Van Dyke... one of the best places on the islands to spot Bottle Nose Dolphins... as we make our way towards Great Harbour and White Bay: some private time for you to experience Jost Van Dyke or, more snorkeling! BVI ECO-TOURS will amaze you with our spectacular out-islands!!!

Full day excursion. $95.00 per person EVERY MONDAY & FRIDAY (Minimum 4 people).

Leaving JVD Scuba/Great Harbour, Westend/Sopers Hole at 10a.m.


Private Charter available any day by special reservation




Virgin Gorda Eco-Adventure

The Baths, Spanish Town, Marina Cay, Monkey Point, Guana Island, Diamond Reef, Great Camanoe

Full day excursion. $120.00 per person EVERY TUESDAY (Minimum 6 people).

Lunch available at Marina Cay (not included) Pick up in JVD Scuba/Great Harbour, Westend/Sopers Hole, Cane Garden Bay and Trellis Bay.


Private charter available any day by special reservation.




Norman Island Snorkeling Safari

Norman Island, The Caves, the Indians, and Blackbeard's Thatch Cays

Back by popular demand! If you like snorkeling and more snorkeling, we have a tour for you! Are you ready to hand feed hundreds of fish as we snorkel? Get ready... because we'll take you right into a "National Geographic Moment"! Also, a short Eco-hike up Spyglass Hill &lunch available onboard the Willy-T.

Full day excursion. $99.00 per person EVERY SUNDAY AND WEDNESDAYS (6 people).

Lunch available at Willy-T (not included) Pick up in JVD Scuba/Great Harbour, Westend/Sopers Hole.


Private charter available any day by special reservation





Your personal Eco-Tour - Explore all the BVI at your own pace.

This tour is personalized for discriminating individuals who want unique, memorable experiances off the beaten path. i.e. This is your private Charter and you call the shots! We go where you want to go and see the sites that interest you. We cater to your groups individual and particular desires exactly... giving you the dedicated attention to make this day the one that you will talk about for the rest of the year! The entire day you will learn about where you are vacationing... The British Virgin Islands... all about the fish, turtles, and birds we pass, to the amazing history and legends that surround us... this is not a water taxi...we pride ourselves in sharing these islands with you in a special and unforgettable way! Many people that wish to do several island tours during thier vacation choose this one excursion because they can combine many different itineraries all into the same day and see it all! Whether you want to snorkel 15 different sites, explore historic ruins, hike through natural eco-systems or any combination of adventures... this is the Eco-Tour for you! Contact us to explore the possibilities, review sample itineraries, or hear how our suggestions can blend with what you wouldl ike to do. It is "your day" and you call the shoys!



You pay for the fuel... because we go as many places and as far as you wish.

(Prices are for up to 4 guests, each additional person only $50.00)





*** All tours provided by BVI-ECO TOURS depart 930 am from Jost Van Dyke and 10:00am from Sopers Hole Marina, tour is 6 1/2 hours so we will be back on the dock at 4:30p.m. Please arrive 10 minutes prior, and dont forget to bring towels, sun screen and personl items that you may require when out. We DO INCLUDE water and fresh fruits and DO NOT INCLUDE lunch. If you plan on having lunch, please dont forget to bring some money!***